Message from the CEO Message from the CEO Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

This is indeed an exciting but treacherous and difficult time for operators in the oil and natural gas industry. Prices for crude oil have declined over 50% within the last 18 months. Many operators have been forced to lay down rigs and some have shut down completely. Suppliers have faced reduced demand and requests for significant price concessions. Many suppliers have had to cease doing business. Through this turmoil Rocaceia has made every effort to reduce internal costs while still maintaining its high level of service.

Despite these negatives, we are committed to continuing to provide world-class value and service to our customers. We’re here for the long haul.

Our approach continues to be driven by our core values, our people, and our willingness to adapt in this ever-evolving industry. We focus on minimizing risk to our customers, our employees, and the communities where we operate. We are good stewards of all of our resources and take special care to operate in a manner that minimizes damage to our environment. Our Executive & Operational Management team includes oil and gas services veterans with deep roots in the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basins. Collectively, our practice and expertise stems from a wide range of industries including financial services, banking, and technology. People and speed are an integral part of our strategy. This is what defines Rocaceia. Hiring and training people of high integrity and who possess a desire to serve are the foundation of this strategy. The ability to deliver our quality products and services rapidly and on large scale makes us a valuable service provider in this industry. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We believe in the future of the industry. We look forward to learning how we can effectively serve your company.

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